Water, water everywhere, and not a drop to drink.


Design a system or device for a sustainable water supply

What will happen when water no longer pours from our taps? As a nation, Singapore uses about 430 million gallons of water a day. With demand expected to double in the next 50 years, and given our long history of water shortage, we will need innovative solutions that help reduce the strain on our precious resource.

Contributing Factors

  • Climate change
  • Firms that use large amounts of water for cooling purposes
  • High consumption by industry
  • Increasing demand
  • Limited land space to collect and store rainwater
  • No aquifers or groundwater
  • Uncertainty of weather patterns
  • Unrepaired leaks
  • Wafer fabrication which uses water as a cleaning agent
  • Wasteful habits
  • Water wastage through pipes or water appliances

We need your ideas

Your suggested system or device should help contribute to a sustainable water supply through various means such as these cool inventions.

Conversion of non-potable water to potable or irrigation water


A lightweight portable water filter straw that allows you to drink directly from streams or lakes by filtering waterborne bacteria and protozoa.

Reduction of water wastage (consumer or business level)


A learning water meter that can be installed on water pipes to track usage patterns of water in a household. Consumers can then understand and adjust their water usage accordingly.

Provide access to alternative sources of potable or irrigation water

Fog Catchers

Vast mesh nets that capture moisture from fog to form drinking water through condensation.

How to Participate?



Register an account with us and start thinking about your idea for the contest.


Describe your design concept in detail through an essay submission (less than 1,000 words).


Illustrate your idea clearly through drawings, diagrams, photos, or even videos. The size of each submitted file should not exceed 10mb.


Log in to your account and submit your essay together with any supporting documents. The contest will close by 25 June 2017, 11:59PM.


Wait for our judges to review all submissions and we will notify the winners latest by
11 July 2017.


Open to students enrolled in JCs, IPs, Polytechnics, International Schools in Singapore,
NSFs and robotics fans aged between 17 to 21.



1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize


Merit Prize

(7 Merit Prizes to be given away)



1st Prize


2nd Prize


3rd Prize

All winners of the individual and group category will also be invited to a 2-day robotics workshop at SUTD, where the students will work in teams to bring their solutions to life.



 Open to all current matriculated SUTD Undergraduates.


Top 5 winners will win a trip to Zhejiang University to represent Singapore and SUTD in the upcoming International Design Contest (IDC) Robocon 2017 from August 6 to 19.

Contest has ended!

Closing Date
25 June 2017, 11:59PM

Result Announcement
11 July 2017


It was fun to know more about engineering & design as well as the interdisciplinary requirements.

Leow Cong Sheng

This contest exposed me to entrepreneurship as well as a life as a SUTD student.

Kornkris Jongjeamdee

The SUTD Technology and Design Challenge offered me a chance to interact with other like-minded people. It was a great experience.

Tay Kay Jin

I'm not interested in design initially, but now after the contest, I appreciate the hard work behind the design process.

Manzel Joseph Seet

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